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Mario Silva


It is space of expression and execution. Dynamic moment whose departure and arrival are predefined. Motion from- and to-place whose sections are left free to be interpreted and combined with each other.

It has a beginning and an end.

Its timing is dictated by the intention of continuity that binds its different steps and moments.

A line is a set of tightrope acts performed in sequence. Designed for creative or competitive purposes. It is compositional choice of movements and context where they are performed.

Concatenation of balancing juggling.

A line can be of a different nature. It can involve obstacles in the space or ignore them and make use of the vastness of the underlying spaces between scenic elements.

It can have several purposes. Conceal or make use of the quantity of attempts required for successful completion. To focus conversely on a single aspect and its technically exact implementation.

A line is prepared with the mind, attention to detail and fanatical repetition. It has impression as the primary goal of its execution; an index of immediacy that defines the set of emotions felt in witnessing the line.

Performing a section of the line in a concatenated rather than isolated manner demonstrates the true property of a maneuver.


– Level of technical difficulty: the difficulty
inherent in the execution and the segment of space where it is performed

– Balance

– Repeatability gradient

– Execution

– Degree of cleanliness

Mario Silva (London, 1993), lives and works in Milan. He graduated from IULM in Milan in Art, Design and Performance under the direction of Vincenzo Trione in 2016. Subsequently, he obtained a Master’s Degree in Painting and Visual Arts at the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 2018, during which he spent part of the two-year period in Athens at ASFA – Athens School of Fine Arts.

He is president and co-founder of Circolo OBlò, artist-run-spa-ce open since October 2022, in the South Milan area. He participated in the 2016 Art Prize at Palazzo Reale in Milan together with Aldo Lurgo with the work “When Shiny Paper Glows” and in the exhibition “Ahora Cuba” at MUDEC – Museo delle Culture in Milan (2017).
In October 2022 he exhibits a new series of works for the exhibition “1.3.12” curated by Alice Cavagna and Zazzaro Otto, at the OBlò space. In October 2023 he participated in the exhibition “Pittura Italiana Oggi” at the Milan Triennale curated by Damiano Gullì.

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